• A small log house in the forest

please choose from breakfast+dinner, dinner only, breakfast only, no meal. 

 breakfast+dinnerdinner onlybreakfast onlyno meal
Adult(Weekday)8,100 yen7,020 yen6,480 yen5,400 yen
Adult(day before holiday,Holiday)8,640 yen7,560 yen7,020 yen5,940 yen
Child6,480 yen5,400 yen4,860 yen3,780 yen
Infant4,320 yen3,780 yen3,240 yen2,700 yen

※ Child is elementary school student.
※ Child under 3 years old without meals will be 1,080 yen. (sleeping together) 
※ In the case of a single room, it will be 2,160 yen plus.