• A small log house in the forest


You can enjoy fresh green in the spring, autumn leaves in the fall and snow scenery in the winter from the room. Birds singing also in the summer ...

Internet can be enjoyed anywhere (free). Please bring Wi-Fi equipment (personal computer, mobile phone etc). There is also a personal computer in the dining room.

☆ It becomes the western style bedroom.
☆ There are double rooms, triple rooms, quadruple rooms and a five-person room.
☆ The number of rooms is 7 in all. The capacity is 23 people.
☆ The room has TV, air conditioning, floor heating. 
☆ We prepared a face towel and a toothbrush in the room.


Dining Room

When breakfast, a warm and soft light is inserted from the east window.

The season of autumn leaves is gorgeous like a "nishikie".



Crash Tile Art Bath
It is not wide, but it is a deep and warming bath

Mosaic Tile Art Bath



Why don't you spend your time drinking at the play corner in the evening?

There are many cartoons. Please read it leisurely.

It is a mini photo gallery of owner shoot.

Let's enjoy puzzles and games with friends or family.